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At Zischka, the House of textile care, is where clothing finds back to its original form. In our stores in Grünstadt, Oggersheim and at our headquarters in Simmern, we take care of professional industrial cleaning of workwear, as well as aircraft textiles for large customers an moreover a reliable quality care and cleaning of textiles of private customers. We don't shy away from any type of textiles. We clean leather pieces as naturally as we do wedding dresses, silk, everyday clothing, suits, coats, etc. Our great price-performance ratio speaks for itself and us.

Gentle dry cleaning

The TÜV and RAL certified ultra-modern machinery at our traditional business, are able to clean textiles not only thoroughly, but also very gently. We can guarantee our customers the purity and maintenance of their textiles in conjunction with a very gentle treatment.

Consistently high quality

The consistently high quality of our work is natural to us, and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way long-term. Regular checks by the TÜV, the seal of the Quality Community and that of Fashion Care furthermore ensures that our machines are always technically up to date and in a reliable state. This way, we can guarantee that our very high standard of quality is constantly warranted.

Clean work clothes

Workwear / Professional wear is something we clean reliably with a pick up and re-delivery service for our customers. The automotive, aerospace, chemical plants and the food industries make a great part of our satisfied customers.

Dry cleaning for individuals

Individuals can take advantage of a variety of services. Casual wear, shirts, pants, blouses, suits, jackets, coats, bridal and formal wear, leather garments, etc. All types of clothing can safely find their way to us. The gentle yet strong dry cleaning procedures we offer ensure optimum cleaning results.

Good price-performance ratio

Quality and gentle dry cleaning with the best cleaning and care results do not need to be expensive! In our stores in Grünstadt and Oggersheim and at our headquarters in Simmern, permanently low prices and discounted offers await all customers - our private patrons and new walk-in customers alike.

Environmentally conscious dry cleaning

Environmentally conscious dry cleaning is very important and natural to us. Therefore, all of our machines always meet the latest environmental protection requirements as stated by the Federal Emissions Protection Act.


shirt & pants

Those who want to enjoy their clothing items for a long period of time, should pay close attention to the proper care of their clothes, and therefore rely on professionals when it comes to cleaning them.

shirt & pants


For companies that would like to clean the professional work clothing of their employees, Zischka is the right partner!


aircraft textiles

Zischka - House of fashion careprovides many airlines with different kinds of aviation textiles.

aircraft textiles


House of fashion care

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Adress: An der Bleiche 2
55469 Simmern

Phone: 06761 - 9520 0
E-Mail: info@zischka.de

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